Compusense Receives Customer 1st Partnership Award

The Compusense Support Team - Ty Chisholm, Jacqueline Dysart, Peter Love, Tiffany Redwood, Radmila Stupar, Miranda Robb, Heidi Dupuis, Steve Muscat

The Compusense Support Team – Ty Chisholm, Jacqueline Dysart, Peter Love, Tiffany Redwood, Radmila Stupar, Miranda Robb, Heidi Dupuis, Steve Muscat

On Monday night, Compusense was invited to attend the American retailer Kroger‘s Annual Corporate Brands Customer 1st Partnership Awards.
We have enjoyed a long relationship with Kroger, and in particular with Sensory Manager, Mayro Kanning.

Just before the end of this past year, Mayro was in the midst of a multi-city project she described as “the project from Hades”. It seemed as though if anything could go wrong, it did – samples were delivered to the wrong cities, suppliers were unable to meet delivery deadlines and there were many communication challenges amongst the parties involved in executing the test, which included testing during the Christmas holidays.

Mayro needed help, and she often reached out to our Support Team to assist her with this challenging project. Our Support Specialists Miranda Robb and Tiffany Redwood, as well as Peter Love, our Assistant Manager of Client Service, all did what they always do – they helped our client as best they could.

Mayro so appreciated the assistance that she received from our staff that she nominated Compusense for the receipt of Kroger’s Customer 1st Partnership Award. Once a year, outstanding Kroger suppliers are recognized for putting their customer first – for going above and beyond in customer service. Of over 800 Kroger suppliers, Compusense was one of a dozen who were selected as having provided exceptional customer service.

We consider it a great honour to receive this recognition from such a successful, well-regarded company.

Peter and I attended the awards event with Mayro on Monday night. I was overwhelmed by the appreciation that was expressed to us by some of the most senior of Kroger’s leadership. It was also humbling to be standing alongside the other exceptional suppliers who were recognized that evening.

I was also very touched at Mayro’s kind words and appreciation for our team’s help. We are so grateful to Kroger and to Mayro for their recognition.

Representing Compusense at the event was a professional highlight for me – I am so proud of our Client Service team for embodying one of our core values: providing exceptional client service.

Our team does this every day – whether it is assisting a user with a “routine” software use question, or solving a complex problem requiring involved experimental designs and in-depth questionnaires – the Compusense Support Team brings their very best to each client interaction they have.

Congratulations to the Compusense Support Team!
- Jacqueline Dysart – Manager, Client Service
- Peter Love – Assistant Manager, Client Service
- Heidi Dupuis – Senior Support Specialist
- Radmila Stupar – Support Specialist
- Ty Chisholm – Support Specialist
- Tiffany Redwood – Support Specialist
- Miranda Robb – Support Specialist
- Neil Patel – European Representative
- Steven Muscat – Technical Lead

Thank you to Mayro Kanning and to Kroger for your recognition. This award means so much to all of us at Compusense.

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  1. Sean says:

    Congratulations to the entire Compusense team! What an honour.

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