Academic Consortium Publications for August 2022

If cars drive too fast in a residential neighbourhood, one solution is to add speed bumps to force the cars to slow down. Can something similar be done to slow down fast eating? In a recent publication, Janani et al. (2022) set out to find out if food texture might be the speed bump of eating. These authors investigated how fast and slow eaters responded to food textures. The study looked at how oral processing behaviours were affected by hardness, thickness, lubrication, and unit size of the food pieces. Increasing hardness slowed eating most. Increasing thickness, decreasing lubrication, and having smaller unit sizes also helped slow down eating. But what was most effective for both fast and slow eaters was combinations of these texture changes. So now if you see someone gobbling food while driving too fast, you will know how to solve both problems. You can find this article and 8 others from the Compusense Academic Consortium below!

Title: Independent and Combined Impact of Texture Manipulation on Oral Processing Behaviors Among Faster and Slower Eaters
Authors: R. Janani, Vicki Wei Kee Tan, Ai Ting Goh, Michelle Jie Ying Choy, Amanda JiaYing Lim, Pey Sze Teo, Markus Stieger and Ciarán G. Forde
Link: Independent and combined impact of texture manipulation on oral processing behaviours among faster and slower eaters

Title: Effect of sipping method on sensory response to single and multiple sips of vanilla milkshake using temporal‐check‐all‐that‐apply
Authors: Maheeka Weerawarna N.R.P,A. Jonathan R. Godfrey, Ashling Ellis, Joanne Hort

Title: Variations in Consumer Rejection Thresholds of Water Samples Including Mixed-Berries Flavors
Authors: Kathryn McCullough
Link: Variations in Consumer Rejection Thresholds of Water Samples Including Mixed-Berries Flavors

Title: Association of Refreshing Perception with Volatile Aroma Compounds, Organic Acids, and Soluble Solids in Freshly Consumed Cucumber Fruit
Authors: Xiaofen Du, Jyotishree Routray, Cierra Williams, Yiqun Weng

Title: PSP with trained assessors as alternative for descriptive analysis of a product with a complex sensory profile
Authors: E.I. Moelich, M. Muller, M. Kidd, M. van der Rijst, T. Næs, E. Joubert

Title: Soluble fibres as sucrose replacers: Effects on physical and sensory properties of sugar-reduced short-dough biscuits
Authors: Julia Rodriguez-Garcia, Rui Ding, Thao H.T. Nguyen, Simona Grasso, Afroditi Chatzifragkou, Lisa Methven

Title: Effect of an opinion app on expectations and emotional responses of young consumers toward white wines
Authors: A. Rizo, A. Bartu, L. Laguna, A. Tarrega

Title: Capturing high and low levels of participant engagement in sensory and consumer evaluations via a known groups design and an implicit correlate
Authors: Mackenzie E. Hannum, Christopher T. Simons

Title: Investigating the sensory acceptance of tropical fruit based products
Authors: MIM. Flores- Verastegui, A. El-Chab, S. Coe, PS. Thondre
Link: Investigating the sensory acceptance of tropical fruit based products | Proceedings of the Nutrition Society | Cambridge Core