Academic Consortium Publications for May 2022

Although it might seem paradoxical, safe and convenient modern foods are also contributing to an epidemic of overweightness and obesity. Producers have a lot more information about their products than do consumers, and it seems that providing nutritional information in tiny type on food packages is not doing enough to solve the problem. What could help? A recent paper in Food Quality and Preference (!) investigates the effect of adding prominent warning labels to advertisements to call out foods that contain excessive sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. They found that consumers extracted similar information from advertisements with and without these warning labels. But consumers who saw the warning labels extracted additional nutrition-related information. So consumers who did not see these warning labels were less aware of the nutritional properties. As the researchers point out, sharing nutritional information may nudge consumers to make healthier choices. This is one of more than a dozen manuscripts published in May 2022 by members of the Academic Consortium. (Warning: do not read these publications while driving or operating heavy machinery.)

Title: The impact of nutritional warnings on the mental associations raised by advertisements featuring ultra-processed food products
Authors: Lucía Pérez, Lucía Antúnez, Tobias Otterbring, Gastón Ares

Title: Temporal ranking for characterization and improved discrimination of protein beverages
Authors: Heather M. Keefer, Will S. Harwood, John C. Castura, MaryAnne Drake

Title:  Understanding the Flavor Alterations Associated With Smoke Taint and Evaluation of Interstimulus Protocols to Mitigate Carryover Bias in Sensory Evaluation of Wildfire Affected Wines. 
Authors: JA Fryer

Title: Sodium Reduction Through Salt Substitute Mixtures, Visual Cues, and Salt Level Statements, and Its Effects on Consumer Perception: A Case of Barbecue Sauce
Authors: Jose Ramon Alonso Marenco

Title: Sensory and Chemical Properties of Virginia Hard Cider: Effects of Apple Cultivar Selection and Fermentation Strategy
Authors: Brenna Littleson, Elizabeth Chang, Clinton Neill, Katherine Phetxumphou, Ann Sandbrook, Amanda Stewart, Jacob Lahne

Title: Identifying Elements of a Ready-To-Eat Meal Desired by Older Adults
Authors: Olivia Chaffee, Annie McGillivray, Lisa Duizer, Carolyn F. Ross

Title: Sensory guided selection criteria for breeding consumer-preferred sweetpotatos in Uganda
Authors: Mariam Nakitto, Suzanne D Johanningsmeier, Mukani Moyo, Christophe Buguad, Henriette de Kock, Layal Dahdouh, Nelly Forestier-Chiron, Julien Ricci, Elizabeth Khakhasa, Reuben Tendo Ssali, Christian Mestres, Tawanda Muzhingi

Title: Temporal sensory liking methods: an investigation with beef steaks from different production systems
Authors: Linda Corcoran

Title: Impact of High-Pressure Processing and Sous Vide Cooking on the Physicochemical, Sensorial, and Textural Properties of Fresh Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus)
Authors: Imran Ahmad

Title: Exploring the Potential of Lactic Acid Fermentation for the Recovery of Exhausted Vanilla Beans
Authors: Jasmine Hadj Saadoun, Alessia Levante, Antonio Ferrillo, Francesca Trapani, Valentina Bernini, Gianni Galaverna, Erasmo Neviani, Camilla Lazzi

Title: Sautéing and roasting effect on free amino acid profiles in portobello and shiitake mushrooms, and the effect of mushroom- and cooking-related volatile aroma compounds on meaty flavor enhancement
Authors: Joanna Sissons, Mindy Davila, Xiaofen Du

Title: Individual variation in mouthfeel sensitivity: investigating influences of whey protein content, consumer age, food format and fat addition
Authors: Victoria Norton, Stella Lignou, Marianthi Faka, Lisa Methven

Title: Comparison of Sweet–Sour Taste Interactions between Cold Brewed Coffee and Water
Authors: Jonas Y de Junge, Line Ahm Mielby, Ulla Kidmose

Title: Creating foods for older adults: Emotional responses and liking of microwave-assisted thermal sterilization processed meals
Authors: Olivia C. Romaniw, Maria Laura Montero, Madhu Sharma, Carolyn F. Ross, Lisa M. Duizer

Title: Tailoring sensory properties of plant cell cultures for food use
Authors: Ritala Anneli, Heiniö Raija-Liisa, Häkkinen Suvi T., Lille Martina, Hyytiäinen-Pabst Tiina, Rischer Heiko