2017 Trend Report

Trend Report

Explore the trends in food science, innovative research, and diverse, global perspectives within the industry in the 2017 Compusense Sensory and Consumer Research Trend Report.

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In addition to engaging articles, this report features exclusive interviews with some brilliant minds from the world of sensory.

  • Paula Varela-Tomasco, Nofima shares her experiences in sensory from a global perspective
  • Marianne Swaney-Stueve, KSU talks about her research using emojis for testing with children
  • Chris Simons, OSU takes us into reality with his work on testing in immersive environments
  • Kenny McMahon recounts his path to sensory and shares advice to students and young professionals
  • Harry Lawless discusses his views on Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) quality grading

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