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A bright horizon for Cloud as the sun sets on Compusense five

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After over 20 years, we have made the decision to no longer actively offer Compusense five as a sensory software solution. As a staple in sensory and consumer research labs around the globe, Compusense five has undoubtedly left its mark on the industry. However, as the landscape and needs of the sensory community and our clients evolve, so should its solution. 

We have had a front-row seat of this changing industry landscape, and right now couldn’t be a more exciting time for sensory and consumer science. The need to explore beyond the traditional sensory lab is more important than ever. Brands need to be able to capture true sensory and consumer experiences with their products anywhere and everywhere—in the lab, in-store, at home, and on any mobile device. Discovering these valuable insights can make the difference between market success and failure, and choosing the right tool for the job is just the beginning.

We have been in the business of providing value, creating solutions, and investing in relationships—not just software—since day one. With change comes growth, and we see our future in placing focus and energy into our web-based solution, Compusense Cloud. With Compusense Cloud, our clients achieve everything possible with Compusense five, and so much more. 

We want to assure existing Compusense five users that current licenses will continue to be fully supported as long as the need exists. 

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of Compusense and the exceptional outcomes we can help you achieve in your business. Wondering if Compusense Cloud, or a relationship with us, is the right solution? We’re always open to chat. Cloud@compusense.com.