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Expanding Compusense's global classroom

As the newly-appointed Training Lead for Compusense, my goal is to improve our global presence and increase the frequency of Compusense Cloud Training and Users’ Groups. Compusense is taking action to expand our Compusense Cloud training efforts to ensure we’re providing the best customer experience possible, and making sure our clients have the knowledge and confidence every step of the way in their journey with Compusense.

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The first stop on this journey is Providence, Rhode Island for our Pre-Pangborn Users’ Group. Here, experienced Compusense users will have the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment to learn more about how to use Compusense Cloud to more effectively align with their testing needs.

Compusense Cloud “Trainings” vs. “Users’ Groups”

Trainings are geared more towards beginner-level Compusense Cloud users. If you’re brand-new to the software and not quite sure where to start or how to get to your end goal, then Trainings are a great way to get your questions answered and gain insight into how to use Compusense Cloud.

Users’ Groups are more of a skill-building event, where analysts who have some experience with Compusense Cloud and have a basic understanding of the software are able to dive in a little deeper with their understanding. Some topics covered in our Users’ Group include new software features, hands-on testing scenarios, and tips and tricks for better and easier testing.

As a former teacher, I’ve learned that hands-on experience and personal interaction is a great way to strengthen concepts and build comprehension. My personal philosophy is that learning should be fun. So, whether you’re attending a Training or a Users’ Group, be ready for some games and challenges. You may even end up bringing home some prizes and, most importantly, a whole lot of knowledge.

We’re so excited for our upcoming events, and we really hope to see you there! With Pangborn fast approaching, now is the time to register! If you’re interested in learning more about other upcoming Training and/or Users’ Group events, or have suggestions for future events, please email me at training@compusense.com.



Elona Finlay
Training and Client Outreach Lead
To learn more about Elona, visit Meet our Team.


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