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Sensory Services

Sensory Services

The insights you need to go to market with confidence.

When you engage the Compusense® Sensory Services team, you gain access to a diverse team of sensory experts. Our cross-functional industry experience, combined with our background in food science and nutrition, gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently assess your project needs to fulfill your project goals.

Our team follows a full-service approach to partnership and works with you to evaluate your project objectives, testing details and deliverables, and develop a customised sensory solution that effectively identifies the product characteristics and differences that matter to you.

Where can the Sensory Services team add value to your project?

Qualified consumer research testing

No matter how you need to collect consumer insights – remotely, online or through in-person tests – we meticulously prescreen every panelist to ensure they meet your specific demographic criteria.

Our secure sensory evaluation software gives us the flexibility to interact with your consumers according to your predetermined criteria. With a secure Internet connection, Compusense® Cloud lets you communicate with your consumers in their own environment.


If your project requires a central location test (CLT), we can conduct your study in our newly expanded Sensory Centre lab that includes:

  • Customizable testing stations
  • Controlled lighting
  • Versatile evaluation rooms
  • iPads for simplified data collection

If you’re not in the Toronto area or prefer to stay close to your home base, you can conduct your testing at any of our other
 global locations.


Panel recruitment and training

The Sensory Services team manages the screening, training, monitoring and maintaining of your panel. Our panelists bring extensive experience with a wide variety of products – including foods, beverage alcohol, beverages, flavours, personal care, packaging and consumer goods – to your project.

Whether you require panel leader training or lexicon development among functional groups, we offer local, national and global customized training programs.

Consulting services

Our consulting service options are designed to leverage the extensive experience of Compusense founder Dr. Chris Findlay and the diverse skillsets of the Compusense team. Any combination of these approaches may be used, including more conventional sensory and consumer research studies.

  • Statistical analysis and interpretation
    A broad range of multivariate statistical methods can be applied to the data you provide. We’ll share the results in an easily understandable format that translates complex attributes into clear conclusions.

  • Consumer guidance and concept testing
    We conduct consumer guidance studies by selecting 100 consumers who may evaluate food or non-food products. We’ll incorporate delays between product presentation to elicit consumer benefit responses and ask open-ended questions about either the product’s use or the concept itself. All analysis and interpretation is included.

  • Creative consulting and ideation
    Dr. Findlay provides this service on a daily consulting basis or on a monthly contractual arrangement.

For more information on how the Sensory Services team can take your project to the next level, contact us.