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Compusense Academic Consortium

The Compusense Academic Consortium is an offering for the Compusense Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) platform intended for Universities and other Academic research institutions.

  • It’s an approach for Universities to use the web-based Compusense Cloud, while taking into account limited academic budgets.
  • Compusense maintains an infrastructure that is shared by many different Academic Consortium subscribers.


Visit our Consortium Credit Submission page to see what activities are eligible, and to submit your activities for review.


An annual subscription to the Academic Consortium comes with:

  • One software seat for creating tests, data analysis, reporting and panel management
  • Unlimited tests and results
  • Two Groups for organizing your work, one to be used exclusively for research.
  • A data collection website
  • A database for your tests, panelists and products
  • Access to our Technical Support Team (see Note 1)
  • A web-based Getting Started Training (see Note 2)

Note 1 - Up to 6 hours per calendar month of Technical Support assistance by phone and email

Note 2 - To be held at your convenience within the first three weeks of your subscriptions setup

Benefits to Subscribers

How can Universities benefit from the Compusense Academic Consortium?

  • Connect with a network of like-minded researchers – Universities all over the world are participating the Compusense Academic Consortium, engaging in projects that further sensory and consumer research globally. Many members have partnered with Compusense on joint research work. The Consortium is configured to facilitate global research collaboration between universities on shared studies.
  • Replace outdated / inflexible software – web-based testing with a market-leading application means access to the latest methodologies and test types.
  • Increased testing flexibility – run tests anywhere with an Internet connection and a device with a modern web browser.
  • Run tests at a lower cost than a standard Compusense Cloud commercial subscription
  • More affordable data collection hardware options are available, such as iPads or Android devices
  • IT management costs are drastically reduced
  • Develop collaborative relationships between researchers

Why does Compusense offer the Compusense Academic Consortium?

  • The Compusense Academic Consortium will further our research program. Compusense is more than just a software supplier. We’re also researchers with a growing list of publications and presentations that demonstrates our commitment. The Compusense Academic Consortium offers an exciting new platform for collaboration between Compusense and subscribing Universities, on studies, projects and methodologies.
  • Having a relationship with academia informs the direction and future of our work. We strive to create software based on sound scientific principles and best practice. We learn a great deal from the Universities with whom we work.