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Compusense Cloud is capable of a lot! If you're looking for the full gamut of sensory and consumer research tools, you've found it.

But if you're looking for a brief overview of what Compusense is all about, what you can do with Compusense Cloud, and what makes us different, you'll want to keep reading.

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Capabilities-logos_1.pngOur people and history

Established over 30 years ago by Dr. Chris Findlay, our foundation is a solid commitment to empirical research and best practice.




Our client list speaks for itself. With over 400 clients in over 50 countries, and in more than 25 languages, the world’s top brands partner with Compusense to help make critical business decisions every single day.


Capabilities-logos_4.pngWeb-based and Secure

Cloud is a secure, web-based software, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Collaborate and share with colleagues across the hall, or across the world!




Do it all in one place

Create, edit, monitor and analyze tests in real-time, even during a running test!



Capabilities-logos_7.pngComplete Test Customization

Use question connections to determine which questions panelists see based on their previous answers or demographic information.



Capabilities-logos_8.pngEasy Panel Management

Recruit, schedule, manage, email and track your panelists all in one software. Recruit consumers based on specific demographic quotas and proportions. Give them the option to schedule themselves in an available time slot – let the software do the hard work for you!


Capabilities-logos_9.pngGo where your consumers are

Remove testing barriers. Panelists can complete tests anywhere in the world with an Internet connection- in the lab, a central location, in-store, at home – and from any Internet-friendly device including PCs/Macs, smartphones, tablets.


Capabilities-logos_10.pngCustom Presentation Designs

Use one of 300+ presentation designs, or easily create your own custom design. Track your serving design using one of four different sample claim methods, depending on your unique testing scenario.


Capabilities-logos_11.pngComprehensive Reports and Analytics

Share your findings with the many reports, statistical analyses and workbook exports. Export results directly to a ready-to-share PowerPoint presentation with customized graphing options.