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Applied Workshop

Training Descriptive Analysis Panels with the Feedback Calibration Method (FCM®)

March 8th & 9th, 2017 - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This applied workshop will provide users with a practical framework and strategy for establishing, training and maintaining a trained descriptive analysis panel using the Compusense Feedback Calibration Method (FCM). This 2-day workshop will be hosted by Dr. Chris Findlay, Chairman of Compusense. FCM® is a panel training method that has proven to train descriptive analysis panels effectively in less than half the time and cost of traditional training methods while doubling the precision of results. FCM delivers a highly proficient panel in a way that makes descriptive analysis practical, reliable and efficient.

Who should attend this workshop?

Those interested in establishing or refining an existing DA training program. This may include Food/Sensory Scientists, Food Technologists, Sensory Managers, QA Managers, and Product Development Managers.


Simply download and complete the registration form and email it to info@compusense.com, or fax to (519) 836-9898. 

Training Course content

The aim of this workshop

• Provide a greater understanding of the power and use of a trained descriptive analysis (DA) panel
• Provide the tactical framework for training a DA panel using FCM
• Provide an understanding of the time and financial savings possible with training with FCM
• Illustrate the steps of training using hands-on scenario exercises with real products
• Providing personalized guidance to attendees who would like to establish a DA panel
• Provide knowledge and best practice on how to make better business decisions using an effectively trained DA panel

Questions? Email us at info@compusense.com