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Global Collaboration


Global Collaboration for Sensory and Consumer Research

  • In Sensory and Consumer Research, consistency is key. 

  • When working with multiple locations around the world, collaboration and consistency are synonymous with your testing success and the quality of your results.


How does Global Collaboration benefit your organization?

Global collaboration allows you to…

  • Streamline global processes and standards with common methods.

  • Easily share projects amongst your global offices.

  • Facilitate innovation and thought leadership through shared work.

Compusense Cloud for Global Collaboration


With Compusense Cloud you can…

  • Save resources and budget by sharing tasks across locations.

  • Design a test in California, have it reviewed in New York and administered in Mumbai!

  • Use the intuitive folder structure to share tests.

  • Foster cohesiveness in your global team.

Case Study


A global confectionary company with over a dozen global testing locations needed a way to effectively collaborate and share their sensory projects.


The client needed to ensure testing and reporting was consistent across all locations.


  • The client purchased a subscription to Compusense Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) to share between all locations.

  • Sharing an application allowed for easy collaboration on their many global projects.

  • The intuitive group/folder structure controlled which tests were available to each location.


  • Consistency – the client could now ensure that all testing, data and reporting practices were the same across all locations.

  • Save resources – shared specialty skills across locations. For example, one statistician was able to run analyses on all locations’ tests.

  • Spot inconsistencies – could quickly identify possible quality control problems at different locations.