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In-Store Testing

 What is In-Store Testing?


  • Consumers complete product evaluations in-store.

  • A customer may complete a test in an in-store testing area, or even while browsing the aisles for your products. 

Why Use In-Store Testing?

  • Collect meaningful data at the most pivotal point in the consumer journey – the purchasing decision.

  • Engage consumers with your product and elevates their brand experience.

  • Easy data collection on readily available  tablets or smartphones– consumers can even use their own.

Compusense Cloud for In-Store Testing

With Compusense Cloud you can…

  • Gather product information from real consumers who shop at your store, a very important demographic!

  • Save time and testing resources by administering the same tests on multiple locations.

  • Gain quality insights on a limited budget.

  • Discover regional preference differences in your products.

Case Study


A large, multinational supermarket chain wanted a way to collect data on food products inside their stores at multiple locations.


The client needed their in-store testing process to be fast, efficient and require minimal skill to administer, but still gather meaningful data at their many locations.


  • Consumers completed tests on tablets after tasting the samples in-store.

  • Test moderators tracked how many sample sets were collected on each device.


  • Discovered regional differences in their products.

  • Gathered valuable qualitative feedback from the face-to-face interactions with their customers.

  • Bolstered consumer engagement – demonstrated to their customers that they come first and their opinions matter!