Qualified Consumer Research Testing

No matter how you need to collect consumer insights — remotely, online, or through in-person tests — we meticulously pre-screen every panelist to ensure they meet your specific criteria.

Testing with Compusense20

Our secure consumer and sensory evaluation software, Compusense20, allows us to interact with your consumers and lets you communicate with them in their own environment.
Compusense cloud
Customizable testing stations
Controlled lighting
Versatile evaluation rooms
iPads for simplified data collection
You can also conduct your testing at any of our global locations.

Our Sensory Centre

If your project requires a central location test (CLT), we can conduct your study in our versatile Sensory Centre that includes:

Consumer Guidance and Concept Testing

We conduct consumer guidance studies by selecting 100 consumers who may evaluate food or non-food products. We’ll incorporate delays between product presentation to elicit consumer benefit responses and ask open-ended questions about either the product’s use or the concept itself.
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Empty testing facility at Compusense