Compusense Academic Consortium

In our pursuit to create scientifically sound sensory software and solutions, we collaborate with universities and academic research institutions through our Academic Consortium.

Collaboration That Makes Sense

The Compusense Academic Consortium provides an exciting platform for collaboration between Compusense and members on studies, methodologies and projects. This approach allows universities to use the web-based Compusense20, while taking into account limited academic budgets.
Join the Academic Consortium
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An annual subscription to the Academic Consortium includes:

  • A data collection website
  • A database for your tests, panelists and products
  • Access to the temporal methods and scheduling modules
  • Access to the Compusense Technical Support Team
  • Getting started training
  • One software seat for creating tests, data analysis, reporting and panel management
  • Unlimited tests and results
  • Two groups for organizing work, one to be used exclusively for research

How Can Your University Benefit from the Compusense Academic Consortium?

Collaborate on Research Projects

  • Connect with like-minded researchers who are participating in projects that further sensory and consumer research globally

  • The Academic Consortium facilitates global research collaboration between universities on shared studies

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Use the Latest Tools

  • Using this industry-leading application means getting access to the latest methodologies and test types

  • Replace outdated and inflexible software with web-based testing

  • Run tests anywhere with a device, internet connection, and a web browser

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Reduce Costs

  • Run tests at a lower cost than a standard Compusense20 commercial subscription

  • Affordable data collection hardware options are available, such as iPads or Android tablets

  • IT management costs are drastically reduced

Join the Academic Consortium
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Compusense Academic Consortium Members

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