On the Road Again: Our Summer 2016 Research Presentation Roster

The next few months are undoubtedly going to be a busy time for the whole Compusense team, beginning with The IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo taking place in just a few short weeks from July 16-19, followed by Sensometrics 2016 in Brighton, UK from July 27-29.

Our participation in industry events and conferences also provides us with a great opportunity to present, share, and discuss our most recent research with our colleagues and peers. The following are sessions, presentations, and workshops in which our Chairman, Chris Findlay, or our VP of Innovation, Research and Development, John Castura, will be participating in at IFT and SSP.

If you have questions regarding any of our past, or current research initiatives, feel free to contact us at info@compusense.com.

IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo
July 16-19, 2016. Chicago, IL, USA

Find the full IFT Schedule here 

Session: “003 Sensory Myth Busters: A Curated Symposium Sponsored by the Sensory & Consumer Sciences Division of IFT: Sensory Booths and Colored Lights…Fact or Fiction?”
Chaired by Chris Findlay 

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Session: “039 Breakthroughs in Sensory Science: Temporal, Consumer and Psychophysical”.
Organized and chaired by Chris Findlay. John Castura and others to present. 

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13th Sensometrics Meeting
27-29 July 2016. Brighton, UK.

Find the full program details for Sensometrics 2016 here

Meyners, M., & Castura, J. C. (2016). Data analysis of Check-All-That-Apply (CATA) and allied methods. In 13th Sensometrics Meeting (Tutorial Day). 26 July. Brighton, UK. (Tutorial, co-presented with Dr. Meyners).

Vidal, L., Castura, J. C., Jaeger, S. R., & Ares, G. (2016). Analysis of TCATA Fading data: data imputation of gaps in temporal profiles. In 13th Sensometrics Meeting. 27-29 July. Brighton, UK. (Oral; presented by Dr. Vidal). 

Ares, G., Antúnez, L., Alcaire, F., Zorn, S., Vidal, L., Giménez, A., & Castura, J. C. (2016). Relationship between dynamic sensory profile and static liking: Dominance vs. description. In 13th Sensometrics Meeting. 27-29 July. Brighton, UK. (Oral; presented by Dr. Ares). 

Meyners, M., & Castura, J. C. (2015). The analysis of temporal check-all-that-apply (TCATA) data. In 13th Sensometrics Meeting. 27-29 July. Brighton, UK. (Oral; presented by Dr. Meyners).

Data Analysis Workshop: Appropriate Methods of Imputation for Consumer Hedonic Data 
Chaired By Chris Findlay
Paul McNicholas, Evelyne Vigneau and Pascal Schlich to present.