Welcome to the NEW Compusense.com

Notice something a little different? We thought you might. As you can probably already tell, Compusense.com has a brand-new look! Our new site was designed with usability and accessibility at the top of our priority list. So whether you’re accessing from your laptop, iPad, smart phone or Android device, your web experience will be enjoyable. 

The new Compusense.com was conceived with the intention of being a space where you — our clients, colleagues and peers — can stay connected with us. Use our resources, research and tools to find the answers your’re looking for, and perhaps, discover something new. And be sure to visit “Test Better”, a space where we share ways in which you can design better tests, test with efficiency and continue to always innovate. 

What’s to come?

One of the most exciting elements that comes along with our new website, is the integration of the Support Hub. The Support Hub is a space where our clients can log in to access exclusive resources and content including workflows, how-to videos and easily connect with our friendly Support team. Users can also log tickets directly with our Support team and easily keep track of all past tickets.