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Compusense Cloud is a secure, web-based software as a service (SaaS) solution for consumer and sensory data collection and analysis.

Complete test customization
Easy panel management
Custom presentation designs
Do it all in one place
Complete testing toolkit
Comprehensive reports and analytics
Award-winning support

Compusense Cloud Features

Recruit and manage your panel, create user-friendly customized questionnaires, collect data, and run analyses on your sensory and consumer tests globally
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Compusense Cloud Capabilities

As a robust, feature-rich platform, Compusense Cloud is well suited for businesses that need a scalable software to meet their range of needs.

Test Types

Quantitative descriptive tests, consumer tests, discrimination/difference tests, quality tests, temporal methods

Global Collaboration

Ideal for organizations to to run collaborative testing on a global scale

Panelist Management

Recruitment, scheduling, communication, tracking

Product Management

Product library, products over time, product history

Scalable Solutions

Choose which test types are right for you


Standard report, top box report, panelist summary report, panelist completion time report, summary report, penalty analysis report, PowerPoint presentation, comment sorting, descriptive analysis workbook, time intensity workbook, temporal choice analysis workbook, consumer report


In-app graphing, word clouds, text networks


Software as a service application hosted by a CSAE 3416 Type II hosting facility, SSO offered

Plus, Many More Features

Feedback calibration methodology (FCM), anonymous testing, flexible test presentation, testing in multiple languages, products over time reporting

Discover What You’re Capable of with Compusense Cloud

To learn more, download the full list of software capabilities.
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Sensory Lab

Build your sensory lab with Compusense Cloud. Whether it’s an existing or new panel, our user-friendly interface will put your panelists at ease so they can concentrate on testing.
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Central Location Testing (CLT)

Set up tests and then collect the data at a different location. Eliminate data inconsistencies and labour costs by collecting data in Compusense Cloud from multiple suppliers using the tests you created.
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Home-Use Testing (HUT) and Point of Consumption/Use

Panelists can complete product tests in the privacy of their own home, giving you greater reach in your results. Send reminder emails directly from the software and monitor when each panelist assessed a product using timestamps.
Testing using smartphone

Consumer Surveys

Have your consumers complete questionnaires from anywhere in the world, including their mobile device. Multimedia is hosted and streamed directly from our servers, ensuring confidential content is always secure.
Consumer survey on a tablet

Balanced Experimental Designs

Compusense Cloud has the ability to create custom presentation designs and more than 300 ready-to-use designs. Dynamic designs that adapt to the addition of samples allow users to add samples to a running test without jeopardizing the quality of the data.
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