Academic Consortium Publications for April 2022

Recently published research leads us to believe that Hank Williams, Sr. did not pen the lament “There’s a tear in my beer / ‘Cause I’m cryin’ for you, dear / You are on my lonely mind” in a white booth in a sensory lab. The study, published in Food Quality and Preference, is unrelated to musicology and does not mention Williams at all, but clearly the connection exists. In the study, beer drinkers were tasked with giving their self-reported emotional responses while drinking beer in the campus student union bar and also while sitting in white booths in a sensory lab. Beer drinkers felt more shocked 😲, more content 😊, more excited 😃, more nostalgic 😌💘/💔, more disgusted 🤢, and more curious 🤔 when consuming beer in the on-campus student union bar than in white booths in a central location test. Test-retest reliability of emotional responses was higher after drinking a full beer 🍺 than lesser quantities. Probably it would be unethical to have beer drinkers consume very, very large quantities of beer, so for insight in this case we turn again to Williams’ N=1 observational study. He sings 🎶: “Into these last nine beers / I have shed a million tears / You are on my lonely mind”. Achieving this quantity of tears (a million!) requires consistency in emotional response during the beer-drinking session. Since these lyrics are repeated, we speculate that each corresponds to a separate beer-drinking event, each consistent in its tear-filled loneliness, none of them in a sensory booth. Intrigued? You can find the publication by Nijman et al. here <> and Williams’ song of lament here <>. For more fine publications from the Compusense academic consortium in April 2022, see below!

Title: The stability of self-reported emotional response and liking of beer in context
Authors: Marit Nijman, Qian Yang, Claire Hidrio, Rebecca Ford

Title: Fresh Cucumber Fruit Physicochemical Properties, Consumer Acceptance, and Impact of Variety and Harvest Date
Authors: Xiaofen Du, Mindy Davila, Cierra Williams, Yiqun Weng

Title: Power of presence: Effects of physical or digital commensality on consumer perception and acceptance of meals
Authors: Ragita C. Pramudya, Asmita Singh, Alana H. Patterson, Nguyen K. Ngo, Han-Seok Seo

Title: Incorporation of roe, milt and liver from plaice (Pleuronectes platessa), herring (Clupea harengus) and cod (Gadus morhua) in newly developed seafood Pâtés: Sensory evaluation by teenage consumers in Ireland and their attitudes to seafood
Authors: A.E. Furey, U. Hoeche, C. McLaughlin, F. Nochi

Title: Analysis of Retronasal Flavor Alterations in Smoke-Affected Wines and the Efficacy of Various Inter-Stimulus Rinse Protocols in Clearing Smoke-Related Attributes
Authors: Jenna A. Fryer, Elizabeth Tomasino

Title: Impact of chicken proteins on canine preference as measured using sensory analysis
Authors: Shields, Chelsie Jo

Title: Sensory Profiles of 10 Cucumber Varieties Using a Panel Trained with Chemical References
: Cierra Williams, Yiqun Weng, Xiaofen Du

Title: A balancing act – Optimising harvest season of Cyclopia genistoides (honeybush tea) for enhanced phenolic content and acceptable sensory profile
Authors: Gugu Shila Mabizela, Brigitte von Pressentin du Preez, Chantelle Human, Magdalena Muller, Dalene de Beer, Marieta van der Rijst, Martha Margaretha Slabbert, Cecilia Bester, Elizabeth Joubert

Title: Social representations of cooking and homemade meals
Authors: Vanessa Gugliucci, Agustina Vitola, Alejandra Girona, Viviana Santin, Leticia Vidal, Ana Giménez, María Rosa Curutchet, Gastón Ares

Title: Targeted metabolite profiling of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) seeds and, toward product (falafel) development
Authors: Carla de Beer

Title: Image analysis-based quantification of the visual attributes of fish, with emphasis on color and visual texture
Authors: Bahar Gümüş, Erkan Gümüş, Aslı Odabaṣı-Kırlı, Murat O. Balaban

Title: Can children use the A-not a test?
Authors: Ana Laura Velázquez, Leticia Vidal, Paula Varela, Gaston Ares